Saturday, February 3, 2018

Our People Will Be Healed - Victoria Film Festival 2018

This title could read "Our People ARE BEING Healed"! 

What a wonderfully inspiring film. Who knew that the small but powerful community of Norway House offers such a positive example for healing and reconciliation. 

Music, music, and more music.  An annual Music Jamboree with more violins in one room than could even be thought possible.  Publically funded classrooms that include special needs kids, a safe place to learn about First Nations history, plus 'European' and contemporary teachings too.  Experiential learning, outside, in canoes, along rivers, camping and honouring the traditional ways of the ancestors while considering the realities of the now.  Encouraging each individual to find their talent, their niche, and nurturing their confidence to reach for and achieve their goals.

This film is beautiful.  Uplifting.  Inspiring hope.  Don't miss it.

Our People Will Be Healed screens Saturday February 3rd 9:00 pm at The Vic.  Buy your tickets HERE.

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