Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Kayak to Klemtu - Victoria Film Festival 2018

What do our ancestors want from us?  How can we reconcile family disagreements? What is our purpose on this planet, at this time, in this place?  An epic kayak journey along BC's breathtaking inside passage from Vancouver to Klemtu offers plenty of time to ponder all this and much more.

Kayak to Klemtu is a feature film rather than a documentary, although anyone who's followed young Ta'Kaiya Blaney's impressive songwriting/activist career will recognize that her passion for the wilderness, her experience speaking truth to power, is very real.  Lorne Cardinal, perhaps best known as the goofy cop from the popular Corner Gas TV show, adds some comic relief.  And there are "white" characters too, connected by heart and marriage.  We're all in this together!

In a sadly ironic twist of fate, filmmaker Zoe Hopkins returned to her birthplace Bella Bella shortly after completing the filming of Kayak to Klemtu, to begin a documentary short titled Impossible to Contain.  In 2016 the Nathan E. Stewart, operating in BC waters with an exemption from Canada Shipping Act regulations, ran aground near Bella Bella and dropped 200,000 litres of diesel and heavy fuels.  Clean up went on for a full month, and exposed the potential for further devastation if industry gets its way.* 

Much of the kayak journey was filmed near Bella Bella, so it's not exactly a full coastline experience.  From personal experience I can attest that the area is amazingly beautiful, as the film portrays, and it's easy to imagine whales and sea lions and untouched wilderness exists all the way north to Klemtu and beyond.  Let's keep it that way.

Kayak to Klemtu screens Sunday February 4th 3:30 pm, and Tuesday February 6th 9 pm at SilverCity 3.  Get your tickets HERE

* Since 2015 a northern coast based Facebook page, 10,000 Ton Tanker, continues to monitor Articulated Tanker Barges (ATBs) passing through the Inside Passage.

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