Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Unarmed Verses - Victoria Film Festival 2018

Since we are expected to live under an economic agenda that keeps most of us poor, isn't it logical we at least have the right to create and live in communities of our peers?

If you haven't yet realized it ... the answer is a loud and unequivocal NO.   

Unarmed Verses offers one glimpse into one family living in one community in one city ruled by the capitalist forces of me and mine and damn the rest.  We're invited to see from the perspective of one Francine Valentine, a 12 year old immigrant from Antigua, brought to Canada by her father.  He wanted Francine to have access to a better system of education.  It's doubtful whether he, or any immigrant, completely understands the challenges facing all Canadians as we struggle to maintain our kinder, more socialistic heritage (First Nations genocide aside).

Despite its sombre message, the film is lovely portrayal of a community that offers solidarity, and opportunities for music and art we all ought to be entitled to.

Is the "Revitalization Project" going to make these peoples' lives any better?  And if not, why are projects like it able to move forward?  Who really benefits?  Where is Francine now? 

Unarmed Verses screens at 6:30 pm Friday February 2nd at Capitol 6, and 1:30 pm February 11th at The Vic.  Get your tickets now.  


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